Equip Yourself With The Habits, Techniques And Skills To Build Money Making Machines For A LIFETIME

This course is for you, if you are looking for methods to increase your income and generate multiple sources of income to last you for an eternity...

If you're reading this, it’s very likely that from the time you remember... you know you have within you what it takes to be better than your current self, your current situation... that you have a dream to achieve, a goal to attain and living a life of abundance...

In other a total wealth day....

Living a total wealth day is defined as a day where you wake up in the morning and you realised you have a choice! 

During the seminar I asked you, “How long could you sustain your life if you do not go to work the next day....” If your answer is not forever, then I suggest you should start giving it a serious thought.

Many working adults wake up in the morning and DON'T HAVE A CHOICE – simply because they have not reached their total wealth day. Reaching this total wealth day can be achieved by ANYONE who takes action! 

Can be achieved by who?? - That's right, ANYONE WHO TAKES ACTION 

You just need to have a mentor, a proven system of success and a community of like-minded people. All of these factors will drive you towards your goal which is what the entire Money Mastery community is all about.

You see, becoming rich is not really a secret. Just step into a random bookstore and you will find hundreds of books that teaches you to be rich. But the main challenge is to get people to TAKE ACTION

My goal for you is to reach your total wealth day within the shortest time possible.To do that, you have to TAKE ACTION. Here's how Money Mastery can help you..

  •  To expose you to the blueprint of creating wealth through the concept of leveraging to create an immensely long and sustainable wealth
  •  To train you to be critical when solving real life challenges and opening you to a multitude of challenges through various games and activities
  •  To form a 'Mastermind' group to brainstorm and create investment strategies
  •  To provide you with a platform to network with different people of various MSI interests and business opportunities
  •  To learn the criteria of selecting your choice of Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) 
  •  To learn how not to take 'NO' for an answer and how to constantly motivate yourself to attain the success you desire
  •  To discover your passion and learn how to get paid doing what you love

Most people never get to this because they believe their college degrees or the skills they pick up through traditional education is what will determine their success. That is why very few people become heroes, geniuses or legends. The reality is very, very different....


A Lifetime Experience that will change your perspective and FREE you from your Financial Constraints or Worries

After the 3 days intensive Money Mastery Bootcamp, you will be so charged up to achieve your financial success. 

The Money Mastery Bootcamp will put you on a journey towards Unleashing your True Potential. And you will have a supportive community cheering you on as you spearhead your way towards success. In other words...

The sky is the limit...

You will be provided with a platform to connect directly to KC and his team of mentors, where you will get to personally brainstorm, exchange ideas, share experiences and business opportunities to put you on a path towards guaranteed success. All you have to do is to engage and take action.

The Money Mastery Bootcamp will also provide you with the mindset, skills set, wisdom and knowledge from certified trainers and a supportive LIFELONG community. The skills taught in the Money Mastery Bootcamp has changed the lives of over 90,000 people all across Asia over the last 20 years

Are you struggling with NO MONEY and NO TIME zone?

The most common reason for procrastination today is to make an investment. 

Investment of your own time and money.

Well, if you can't afford to cover your own cost which we hope this is not the case, you definitely have to come. Otherwise, what will really change for you?

Don't be trapped in the web of mediocrity forever...

We strongly believe we can help you. One of the key focus of the program is to help you to discover some of the most briliant ways to increase your financial bottom line

You see, the lessons we impart in Money Mastery are built based on the foundation of a "get rich slow and steady" concept, so that you will end up with a lifelong of passive income

You will understand the need to have Multiple Sources of Income

You will learn the key concepts towards becoming wealthy and happy

You will commit to making a positive impact to change your life and your family's future

All you need a proven method, a system which will guide you step by step to achieve that Financial Freedom that you always wished for....

This is exactly what you will be learning from KC SEE in the Money Mastery Mentorship Program.


KC SEE is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary with a Marketing qualification from Australia. He had his initial training in Ernst & Young – an international accounting firm before embarking on a successful career in accounting. 

KC was the Financial Controller of a group of companies before he left in 1984 to start the Quest Group. After 30 years, the group has grown with operations in five different countries. 

As a consultant, he has carried out strategic consulting work for many MNCs and listed companies in the region. He is a well sought-after speaker, coach and trainer, having trained and mentored more than 90,000 people since 1984. 

KC is a regular contributor to business magazines and newspaper including a monthly column in the “SME & Entrepreneurship” magazine. He has been featured on radio including the "Positive Business Minutes Series on News Radio 93.8 Singapore” and on TV2 Malaysia for Money Wise series sharing concepts and tips on money management. 

Amongst the many businesses he is involved in, he started an e-learning portal in 1999 that spread to 25 countries. He presently co owned one of the largest mobile app development company in Malaysia and Singapore. 

He has written 5 books including the bestseller “Leveraging Time to Create Wealth”. His latest book is “Quest for Excellence”. He has worked with Robert Kiyosaki and is acknowledged in 2 of Robert’s books including “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” 

KC founded MasteryAsia, a global mentoring organisation that is dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial independence through education and mentorship. He has inspired and mentored over 9000 people from 6 different countries to develop multiple sources of income.

What Some Of The World’s Leading Figures Have To Say About The Money Mastery Mentorship Programme? 

"I know that if one day I can't go to work, I still have my licensed programme that can give me passive income."

One of the most important points from Money Mastery is that you can only have two types of income, one is passion, one is passive. I set out a system where other people can teach my methods and I earn royalty from it. Now the program is established in Malaysia & Singapore. 

 On 2009, I was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. I was not worried at all, because I know that if one day I can't go to work, I still have my licensed programme that can give me passive income. I really thank this program that help me do the right thing, right from the beginning.

Teoh Poh Yew, CEO of Creative Wizard Sdn. Bhd 

"18 years ago, when I joined Money Mastery, I was a bankrupt. But now, I own over 100 properties and more than 20 businesses."

18 years ago, when I joined Money Mastery, I was a bankrupt. But now, I own over 100 properties and more than 20 businesses. What I learned from Money Mastery is to earn Multiple Sources of Income and I'm glad the amount that I have can feed me for the next 3 generations. 

So I would like to give credit to my mentor KC See for guiding me. To be honest the journey is not smooth sailing, but if only you apply some of the principles that you learn in Money Mastery, you will be able to make it too.

Jerome Tan, Author of "From Bankruptcy to Multi-Millons in 7 years"

"Not only does it address the "money" aspects of your life... it starts with your thinking & trusting yourself to go Higher, Better...everyday, in every way!!"

 "The simplest way I can put this to say...The Money Mastery Mentorship Programme is the Best of its Kind ever!! Not only does it address the "money" aspects in your life... it starts you thinking & trusting yourself to go Higher, Better...everyday, in every way!! 

The community & support provided is a very strong platform for further advancement!! Isn't it amazing!!...For the price I pay...I GET THE EDUCATION OF A LIFETIME!! And my opportunity at being a MILLIONAIRE!!" 

Suhnylla Kler, Manager of a Major International Bank

What you'll learn



It is NOT a 3-day programme whereby when you finish the programme you are left to work it out yourself

This programme comes with a lifetime support and follow-ups to eventually enable you to build your own MSI. As soon as you complete the bootcamp, you will form one or several mastermind group where members will literally hold your hand to build your MSI. 

Money Mastery has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last 20 years by educating people from all walks of life about financial intelligence. When you belong to the Money Mastery Community, you are associating yourself with a family of like-minded individuals with a common value system. Money Mastery will be a place where you'll love to call home! 


Money Mastery is founded based on the foundation of research

Not just a bunch of theories and motivation: At Money Mastery, you'll find ways to turn ideas into reality, money-making income or businesses. In fact, it is not that difficult to start up an income source as most might think, because we have negated the conventional idea/option of amassing huge capital or attracting venture capitalists. One of our approaches is based on scenarios thriving on low-capital and huge income gains, otherwise known as the Butterfly Effect: small implementations resulting in large effects. 


Consistent love and support from the community

Money Mastery is more than just an event although our Money Mastery Bootcamp has helped change numerous people's life: After the bootcamp, you will be consistently supported to create your MSI or your present income to the day you see it reaps. Support comes in the form of group coaching, masterminding group, bi-monthly web-coaching, private access to the e-Mentorship Portal, complimentary mentoring seminars, business forums, additional/future materials and Money Mastery Network. Your investment will turn into a real financial result and that is our no.1 priority!


Practical and Proven

Over 9,000 of our graduates across Asia have learned, applied, and mastered the practical secrets of income building and expansion and marketing know-how that can bring in new profits in a matter of days! We have countless testimonials attesting to the results our graduates have achieved because of what they have learned in Money Mastery


Money Mastery is a community of givers

The vision for Money Mastery is to create a self-running, self-supporting community of graduates who are passionate and proactive in creating incomes, business opportunities, and providing mutual support for one another. It is based on our sincere belief that "As you give, so shall you receive". 


Money Mastery gives you life time support

With Money Mastery, you get support from us long after the programme is over. Due to the ongoing communication within the MM community, graduates as far back as 12 years ago still come back to connect with new scholars to gain fresh ideas and perspectives. Money Mastery is constantly evolving which is why this is one of the most reknowned and longest running mentorship program around today 

Course Information

Welcome to Money Mastery

A community of givers, serving society for over 20 years

Here's how the Money Mastery Community works

Register and Learn through our library of over RM2000 worth of resources

Check out the Bi-Monthly webinars (Live & Recorded version) through this portal and keep updated with what's trending. Various topics on entrepreneurship, opportunities, investments, public speaking, Facebook Marketing and etc. 

Attend the Money Mastery Bootcamp 

Attend the life-changing 3-Day Money Mastery Bootcamp. You will be provided with a folder of Class Notes, free meals throughout the entire Bootcamp in a 4-Star Hotel (or higher), tons of networking opportunities with KC and other successful students.

Begin your journey towards MSI through your MASTERMIND groups

After the Bootcamp, there will be follow up sessions known as 'Graduates Review', 'e-Mentorship webinars', Networking Dinners, Masterminding meetings, learning conventions, evenings of investment opportunities sessions from various speakers and much more. Money Mastery does not just end there.

This is How Money Mastery Bootcamp Is Structured, So That You Can Create Wealth In The Shortest Time Possible

Module I

Money Mastery Financial Roadmap

You will be guided on a step-by-step exercise to analyse your current income profile and cashflow analysis. 

You will be given some time to fill up the details during the Bootcamp and you will be clearer on how much more you are required to achieve in order to reach total wealth day.

Module II


Learn the 8 crucial money making habits that you need to adopt (and make it your 2nd nature) in order to have a mindset of wealth. Having the right mindset will allow you to eliminate your self-limiting beliefs about money like "Rich people are too materialistic. I want to be more spiritual". (This self-limiting belief is incorrect as the wealthy could also be spiritual and the not-so-wealthy ones could also be very secularistic).

Once the mindset is correctly tuned, it is easier to absorb the knowledge and key concepts of wealth which will be discussed in further modules. 

Module III

Multiple Sources of Income (MSI)

This is the word that you will hear very frequently in the Money Mastery Bootcamp. This module will guide you through the Key Concepts of having a MSI and potential MSI opportunities that you can look into. KC would also guide you through his many years of experience on which industries or MSI that has the most opportunities.

Module IV


If you have not read the book “Leveraging Time to Create Wealth”, you should do so now. The Bootcamp will cover in more depth of ways to leverage time, resources and – almost anything to create wealth for yourself. All you need is just a proper system and a mentor on how to do it which you will learn and gain in Money Mastery. 

Module V


Masterminding is an effective tool used for the longest time to bring about solutions to challenges, problems, goal-achieving and creative brainstorming. 

This module will guide you on criterias on how to choose members of your Masterminding group, traits & characteristics to look out for, principles of managing and leading a GREAT Masterminding group and proper steps to put into practice everything that you have discussed in your group.

Module VI


This module would cover how you can be wealthy, successful and happy at the same time doing what you are completely passionate about. Money Mastery will guide you towards creating a good platform for you to not only be wealthy, but also to be fulfilled in life. 

Money Mastery believe that there is no point of being wealthy and not have happiness and fulfillment to back it up. 


SMART Business Profit System Online Learning

Building Smart Businesses Program (Bonus Value: $2680)

This Building Smart Businesses Program is designed to turn your business dream into reality, fast track and dramatically change your business results forever.

You will receive ALL of this for FREE when you enrol for the program TODAY. *For a limited time only*

This bonus encompass 6 Modules on how to scale your business successfully. The modules are as follows :-

Module 1 : Business Smart Principles

Module 2 : Your Business Idea. Opportunity. Identification and Innovation

Module 3 : Proven Formula To Multiply Your Business Profits

Module 4 : Marketing Physics Re-Engineer Your Marketing

Module 5 : Leverage Your Way To Grow Your Business... Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Module 6 : Business Modelling The Key To Business Success 


MasteryAsia's Continuous Commitment To Provide Leading Edge Education At Prices That Is Affordable For Everyone

Over the last 20 years, we constantly strive to keep our cost down as much as possible for our participants, as well as constantly improving the content and the product. A programme such as this will usuall costs thousands.  

Since MasteryAsia is committed to creating change in people's lives, we endeavour to deliver this program for a fraction of the regular price and without compromising on your learning experience.  

The regular enrollment fee is RM6997 for a program of this caliber. But since you're here – (with a strong desire to learn), you can enrol at a discounted rate of 47% which will make it RM2997 (RM3177 after GST). 

Is This Really Worth It?

1. The Lowest Price 

The regular price for this program is RM6997. But if you enroll today, you’ll only need to invest RM2997 only – this is a MASSIVE 45% discount. 

We believe in second chances. We understand that it is difficult for some to make a decision on the spot during preview day, but we still think that this programme can help you supercharge and boost your life to the next level. So, we have extended this promotional offer – just for you.

Feel free to browse through our library of content in this portal. Should you think that it is not the right programme for you, we have a 7-Day refund period after the date of purchase. No questions asked.

2. Join Thousands Of Other Students from all over the world

Join our community now to communicate and network with previous students who has graduated from Money Mastery and are living life the way they want it to be. 

3. Your Return of Investment is GUARANTEED

We are committed to ensure you received the best return of your investment as we believe in delivering results based guaranteed program. With our Result Guarantee Agreement, should you not make money within the next 6 months AFTER THE BOOTCAMP following our step by step proprietary system, we will return your money - no questions asked.

 We thrive on your success and achievements and we believe you should to...

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  •  Community support of over 10,000 graduates from all over the world and constant support from KC and his team
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  •  Bi-Monthly webinars discussing on updates of the market out there. Can be accessed through your e-learning Portal.
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