Join us to discover How to Be A Highly Paid Trainer and Impact Thousands of People!


24th February 2021 (Wednesday)
8.30PM - 10.30PM

(Local Time in Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaysia)


You will get at the end of this presentation...

You will get a Trainer's E-Guidebook, which include ingredients that Master Trainer Mr. KC See will share to you during the training in order to become a successful trainer.


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During This Free Training, You Will Learn...

✅   Learn from the Top 8 Professional Trainers how they became successful.

Why training and speaking is one of the most lucrative careers out there.

What are the fundamentals to be a Successful Trainer and Speaker.

What are the insights and tips to be successful in the training industry.

✅    What are the three key things you need to do NOW.

✅    Why some trainers never make the kind of money they should.

Turn Your Experience and Expertise Into a Dream Career - Be a Professional Trainer


Who is the Master Trainer KC See

 He is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary and had his initial training at Ernst & Young before embarking on a successful career in accounting.

He started the Quest Group in 1984, growing it to a regional training, coaching and consulting Group with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China and Hong Kong; and carried out works in 21 countries from as far east as Korea to as far west as Poland.

He is regarded as Asia’s Master Trainer of Professional Trainers, having trained and mentored more than 1,400 Certified Professional Trainers across Asia. A powerful speaker and trainer, he has trained & mentored over 135,000 people in the last 36 years.

His many clients include ABB, Exxon Mobil, Siemens, Maybank, Prudential, Sony, Swatch, Citibank, Great Eastern Life Insurance, AXA, Tupperware, Nokia, HSBC, China Eastern Airlines, Pfizer, DB Schenker, Schneider, KoneCranes, Nestle, Fairchild Semiconductors, Allianz, Capitaland and many others.

He was appointed as the Executive Coach to Senior Management Team for Nokia-China, Daimler-China and Intel (Global Team) and other engagements involving CEOs, Top and Senior Management.

His highest training fee is USD900 per hour and his highest single training contract was USD425,000.

He works closely with the International Professional Managers Association, UK. and has been appointed as the Management Board Member for Asia.

He has written 7 books including the bestseller “Quest for Excellence - An Asian Executive’s guide to personal productivity, performance and profits” and latest book … “The Entrepreneur’s Treasure Chest”.

24th February 2021 (Wednesday)
8.30PM - 10.30PM

(Local Time in Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaysia)



"This is one training that you must attend if you aspire to be a successful trainer"


-Ahyat Ishak

What if people would actually pay you to speak?

Here are some TESTIMONIALS from our Certified Professional Trainers Alumni

Find Your Niche, Build A Successful Training Career & Business, & Impact The World

Why is This Different

  • For those who don’t know me, my name is KC See and I’ll be sharing with you some useful knowledge and skills that you should know and apply in order to become not just good, but GREAT in training and speaking. I’ll be sharing this based on my own 36 years of experience training internationally. I started training “Trainers” specifically, since 1999 (more than 20 years ago) through a mentorship programme known as Certified Professional Trainer that is probably the longest running professional trainer’s development programme in the region.
  • Throughout the years, I have trained more than 1,400 professionals from 15 different countries to become successful trainers in their own chosen fields of expertise. I am also a TED Talk speaker and I am invited to speak regularly at conferences. Some of the many multinational companies who were our clients were companies such as China Eastern Airlines, Parkson, Proton, BMW, Nestle, Starbucks, Nokia , Levi's and many more
  • The strategies that I'll be revealing to you are strategies that you will not find anywhere else because these are strategies that I actually use as a direct result of being a practitioner trainer and speaking in more than fifteen countries. I think it's safe to say that not many speakers have actually done that.

We Have Trained & Certified Over 1,400 Professional Trainers In ASIA

During this FREE training, you're going to take away the insights and ingredients as below...

·          Why you should start creating an income through training or speaking.

·         Hear from 8 successful trainers how they turn their passion into a profitable profession.

·         Learn the principles of how adults learn and how to create an inspiring learning environment based on the 3 professional trainer fundamentals

·         Learn how to kick-start your training based on the 5 key success factors of an influential trainer and speaker. 

·        Learn the importance of having a niche to develop the expertise that businesses need - focus your efforts on the value you can provide to individuals or businesses. 

·         Find out how what is Quest Strategic Roadmap to build your own training business from scratch.

·         Get samples from the proven guides, case studies and tools to allow you to take your training career and business to the next level...

Free TRAINING worth USD59

Free Trainer E-Guidebook Bonus if you stay to the end of the training

Acquire the Insight & Tips from the Top 8 Professional Trainers on How to Be a Highly Paid Trainer


Join our FREE TRAINING and Discover How to Be

A Highly Paid Trainer and Impact Thousands of People!

24th February 2021 (Wednesday)
8.30PM - 10.30PM

(Local Time in Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaysia)

An Incredible 2 Hours Free Training to finally get the Secrets to Become a Highly Successful Trainer

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