Did You Know That More Than 70,000 Children in Malaysia Are Living in Poor Conditions with No Access to Proper Education?


Save a Child, Give Their Future A Purpose and Gain Access To Over 20 Experts to Level Up Your Personal And Financial Growth In 2019 TODAY!  

Event : 1 Day Quest Learning Festival 2018 Date: 15 December 2018 (Saturday) Time: 9am–5pm Venue: Celebration Centre @ Sunsuria City, Sepang, Selangor 

Contribution: RM50 only * 100% of your contribution will go to Dignity Children Foundation

Children trapped in poverty have no access to nutritious food and good education... They often remain hidden and unnoticed.

Help Dignity Children Foundation break the poverty cycle. Empower our children. Fund continuous education, nutritious meals and basic health and hygiene care for them.  

For RM50, YOU can do your part. Spread the message and join the 1-day Quest Learning Festival to be part of this grassroots movement.

About Quest Learning Festival

Quest Learning Festival is a 1-Day charity event where we spread awareness on providing education and care to underprivileged children.

As a note of thank you for your generosity, we are inviting experts, successful entrepreneurs and even best-selling authors to come on stage to share their proven framework on personal finance, health, personal growth and investment strategies for you for the entire day.  

This learning festival is not only going to impact your personal and financial life from our expert speakers, but will change a child’s life by providing them with long term quality education.  

Together We Are Growth

Quest Learning Festival 2018 is not only a life-changing charity event, but also an event that will motivate you to create, stay-on-track and complete all the personal and financial goals that you desire.  

We have built a strong, supportive and empowering environment to allow those who has strong desire in personal and financial growth to connect, learn and share together.  

When you sponsor and attend Quest Learning Festival, you will become part of our community of leaders, go getters and doers.  

Save a Child Today & Spend 1 Full Day With Experts To Unleash Your Personal Growth and Wealth Creation Potential To The Next Level!

Event : 1 Day Quest Learning Festival 2018 Date : 15 December 2018 (Saturday) Time: 9am – 5pm Venue: Celebration Centre @ Sunsuria City, Sepang, Selangor Contribution: RM50 per ticket  

(100% of your contribution will be donated to Dignity Children Foundation)


Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that provides holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

Over the past 20 years, they have served over 1000 children and youths aged from 1-18 years.  

Dignity aims to break the cycle of poverty through the provision of quality education for children by utilising a combination of the renowned Montessori philosophy and a uniquely Dignity learner-centred approach that includes soft skills and vocational skills education.  

They intentionally nurture children, both girls and boys, to be leaders of the future.  

In the long run, good education leads to good jobs and economic growth.  

You can get more information through their official website here: www.dignityforchildren.org  


1) Continuous education from early childhood, primary to secondary education, with books, stationary and uniforms and daily transportation freely given.  

2) Nutritious Meals including daily lunches and snacks for the children to ensure that they receive adequate nutrition for growth and study as low-income families often struggle to feed their large families.  

3) Health, Hygiene & Medical Care check-ups, lessons and counselling.  

4) Student Leadership & Character Development to develop quality communication skills, leadership skills, good character and become good role models.  

5) Educational Experiences Beyond Classrooms through field trips to connect with their environment and community as their creativity and imagination are being nurtured.  

6) Sportsmanship and Physical Development such as fair play, respect for others, discipline and adherence to rules.  

7) Vocational Development to help them to set goals for their own lives, find direction and focus for their day-to-day living.  

8) Community Support including family counselling or dealing with an emergency, be it death, accident, illness, critical housing problems or hunger.  

When you join Quest Learning Festival, you aren’t just learning from the best on personal and financial growth strategies…  

You are transforming lives & communities with Dignity for Children Foundation – To nurture and empower underprivileged children to be world changers through transformative education.  


And so much more…

* 100% of your contribution will be donated to Dignity Children Foundation.

Quest Learning Festival brings only the best of the best for you in one place! 

Our past summits have included Mario Singh, Adam Khoo, Ewen Chia, KC Lau and many others who will share with you their experience and provided insights to how you can level-up your mindset, health, wealth and relationships.  

The speakers at Quest Learning Festival 2018 will impress you just as our past speakers have!  

What Quest Learning Festival Includes: 

Connect with Like-Minded People The Quest Learning Festival Community is a community of achievers who want more from their life. They are from diverse backgrounds, professions and the unlimited desire to continue achieving in life.  

Top Experts and Speakers Learn from the best experts in the region on health, mindset, business and investment. We bring you the best in their respective fields so that you can learn and implement their strategies to be so much more.  

1 Full Content Packed Days Because we know your time is limited, you can expect a content-rich, packed day that will leave you feeling energised and ready to conquer your life!

Supporting the Cause Your donation will enable a child for quality and continuous education, health care, necessities, transport, and a safe place to learn and grow. 

In summary, here’s what you’ll get when you make your contribution today:

1. 1x Ticket to attend 1-Day Quest Learning Festival.  

2. Full access to all 20 speakers' sessions.  

3. 1x Free merchandise on that day.  

4. 1x Free account access to Hooty Social Learning Platform with over 390 wealth creation learning videos (Over 4,995 minutes) and 38 article lessons.  

5. All the booth activities, access to community and networking opportunity session.  

6. Empower a child with continuous education, nutritious food, and their future. (Priceless)  


Quest Group, established since 1984, is an education, training and consulting company that focuses on building organisation and communities to improve their performance, productivity and profitability.  

Over the years, Quest Group has grown, expanded into a diversified multinational company that is involved in education, coaching and mentoring, organisation strategic development and consultation, property as well as investment.  

Knowing that knowledge and education is the key to the next level, we want to help those who are not affordable to learn at the same time. With this mission, hence, the tagline for our Quest Learning festival. “One to You, You to World”  

* 100% of your contribution will be donate to Dignity Children Foundation.

There's nothing more fulfilling than be able to save a child, at the same time connecting with a community of people who are just like you!  

Quest Learning Festival is the only charity event and place where we bring our entire community together to contribute, network, learn, have fun, share and support each other.  

“Make a small contribution to change the world and join Quest Learning Festival to finish Your 2018 Strong Today!  

 Event : 1 Day Quest Learning Festival 2018 Date: 15 December 2018 (Saturday) Time: 9am – 5pm Venue: Celebration Centre @ Sunsuria City, Sepang, Selangor Contribution: RM50 per person  

* 100% of your contribution will be donate to Dignity Children Foundation.

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