In today’s highly volatile marketplace, the financial literacy and business acumen of your managers, sales professionals and employees are fundamental to bottom-line success of your organisation. 

With a higher-level understanding of your organisation’s financial and strategic drivers — and a keen appreciation for their own impact on those drivers — your employees can make more profitable decisions, influence revenue generation and take actions that support your organisation’s strategies.  

The Fear of Accounting is Just a Myth!

  • Finds it difficult to interpret financial data into useful information?
  • Uncomfortable to face budget expenses or deal with financial data to make decisions? 
  • Confused by the accounting terms and find it very challenging to interpret of financial information? 
  • Uncertain or uncomfortable when making decisions? 
  • Doing your part in meeting financial goals? 
  • Aware of how your daily decision-making make an impact on profit? 
  • Blindly replicating last year’s budget?  

Whichever industry you’re in, SME, larger business or organisation knows that achieving and maintaining financial control is absolutely vital.  

In Quest, we believe that improving the financial acumen of all managers and employees can have an immediate and lasting impact on an organisation’s bottom line.

And the good news is… developing financial acumen can be fast, fun and effective.


What exactly is Colour Accounting? Watch the video below.

Why Colour Accounting Works?

The Color Accounting approach to accounting learning is interactive: Logical colors, vivid diagrams, plain language, accelerated learning techniques, and even special sound effects, cater to all learning styles. 

Colorful diagrams means that learners are now able to – literally – see how accounting, finance and business work.

 Color Accounting is a teaching system that uses diagrams and logical colours to show graphically how accounting and business work so you or your team will make better decisions.

We fully engage the participants with story-telling, physical materials and vivid models during the workshop. They use their hands, their senses and their minds. No boring slides, no power failures, no 'same old same old'. 

The accelerated learning and adult learning means it all fits into two energizing days. Right from the start we want our participants to be thinking:

"Hmmmm, this seems a little different to what I was expecting. It could even be enjoyable."

"This sure beats the tired old Finance For Non-Financial Managers course I sat through before."

By improving your people’s financial literacy,

your team will be able to: 

  • Developing a deep understanding of the Balance Sheet  
  • Deriving the Income Statement and understanding how it connects with the Balance Sheet  
  • Clearly and unforgettably defining Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue & Expenses  
  • Integrating these five elements into a holistic view called the BaSIS Framework™ 
  • Understanding the Value Cycle of business  
  • Practicing financial communication: grasping not only terminology, but also ambiguity of terms, and communication pitfalls  
  • Identifying the drivers of cash flow, and how they are reported on the Cash Flow Statement  
  • Analyzing financial statements of a business and identifying risk areas, performance changes, opportunities for improvement  
  • Calculating financial measures, including EBITDA Preparing budgets and forecasts 
  • Communicate more powerfully with investors, regulator and partners 
  • Understand your clients' businesses and pitch with confidence at a senior level  
  • Promote financial leadership 

And so much more...


Colour Accounting is a financial workshop that uses patented pictures and clear language for easy learning that works like never before..

Session 1 : The Fundamentals of Accounting

This first session puts in place the fundamentals of accounting and finance using our unique and intuitive visual framework. The specific content includes:

  • Accounting literacy underpins business acumen
  • The three themes of accounting: structure, mechanics and language
  • Emotional responses to financial statements
  • The importance of perspective
  • Accounting as a system of organizing: The 5 elements
  • Historical background of accounting
  • The accounting duality: How accountants see the world  

Discussion 1 : What are Assets?

Discussion 2 : How Can Businesses Fund Assets?

Discussion 3 : The BaSIS Framework and How Accounting Work

Session 2 : The Board

The Board is our interactive accounting learning tool to practice and reinforce the fundamentals covered in the morning. This enhances peoples understanding of accounting through looped learning and discovery learning of new concepts.

Session 3 : Business Acumen

Now that participants understand how accounting works and what accounting terms mean, they are in a position to start reading and analyzing financial statements. This session focuses on a case study set of financials and enables people to think about the business story behind the numbers to see how a business is performing.

Who Uses The New Way Of Learning Financial Literacy?

Professionals at all levels of organisation including:

  • Non-financial managers
  • Heads of departments
  • Human resource and L&D managers
  • Senior- & mid-level executives
  • Entrepreneurs & business owners
  • Lawyers / Attorneys
  • People in leadership positions

Trainer's Profile

Joelynne Chong

With more than 15 years of training, coaching and talent management experience, Joelynne has worked with multi- national companies throughout Malaysia and China. Her expertise focuses on facilitating individuals and teams to achieve high performance through, among other things, communication, teamwork, and leadership at all levels.

Joelynne has strong background in management, business development, sales and marketing. From 2004 – 2009, Joelynne was Country Manager of a training business in Shanghai, China. Starting from scratch, she managed to double the sales revenue every year, and built a profitable business in China. Having lead and managed teams to produce results, her business knowledge brings deeper insights when consulting with clients on key talent development and talent management initiatives.

She has keen interest in helping people develop their training skill and regularly coach managers to be organization own subject-matter-expert trainers.

Currently, she is Partner / Senior Consultant of Quest Learning.


Improving Financial Literacy for Better Decision-Making

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We exist to awaken people to live lives of abundance.

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Wealthvox (formerly known as Colour Accounting International) is a publishing company and workplace education provider. We've developed and distribute the Color Accounting learning system (or 'Colour Accounting' if you prefer - we use both spellings). We work with a network of accredited Partners. Color Accounting workshops are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, African, Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Portuguese and Italian.

We are a social enterprise, with a dual social-impact and commercial motive. We advocate accounting as a fundamental form of literacy, like Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Accounting literacy has the power to improve lives, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and governments.

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We teach business acumen to non-financial people, and they love it!  

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