About This Program

The biggest challenge most organizations are facing is the financial impact on how we manage our overheads, especially staff cost. There are instances where hasty decisions are made that lead to industrial dispute and the company suffers more losses. We have seen staggering lawsuit settlements in recent years and increased enforcement by the Department of Labor in ensuring compliance to the Labor/Employment Law.

On the other hand, companies are not sure if their actions/decisions comply with the Labor/Employment Law. Some companies are not sure what specific legislative requirements apply to them.

Program Module

Day 1

Module 1: Introduction and process of how the program works

Module 2: Staff Redeployment Overview

  • Staff Redeployment Listing*
  • Staff Redeployment Matrix*
  • Staff Deployment - Possible Action

Module 3: Staff Redeployment Process

  • Board of Directors' Endorsement*
  • Identifying the number of Essential and Non-Essential Positions within the Company Worksheet
  • Identifying Manpower Cost by Department and Breakdown by Category Worksheet
  • Communication with Employees
  • Sample Communication Email by CEO
  • Sample Deferment Letter
  • Sample Agreement Letter - for Annual Leave
  • Sample Agreement Letter - for No Pay Leave
  • Inform the Labor Office on Action to be taken
  • Form PK (Refer to Toolkit 3a: Statutory HR Document - Malaysia)

Day 2

Module 3: Staff Redeployment Process (con't)

  • Active Restructuring Exercise*
  • Sample Letter of Withdrawal of Staff Allowance (with consent)
  • Sample Letter of Reduction of Salary
  • Redeployment Checklist
  • Sample Letter of Retrenchment
  • Retrenchment Benefit Proposal Worksheet
  • Redundancy and Retrenchment Checklist

Module 4: Returning to Work

  • Workforce Safety: Employees Return to Work
  • How to Communicate with Employees
  • Email Communication Template
  • Sample of Office Guideline for Workforce
  • Daily Health Condition Record for Internal Staff Template
  • Visitor's Declaration Form Template
  • How to arrange Office Operations to Reduce Risks?
  • What measures need to be taken to maintain a Safe Workplace?*
  • Employee Preventive Measure Checklist
  • Government Updates

Trainer Profile

Mahabeer Singh

MSc in HRM, CPT (UK), PSMB and DDI Certified Trainer

Mahabeer Singh is a Trainer, Consultant and a coach in areas that relates to Human Resources, Business Management, Leadership and Management and Personal Development.

He has close to 25 years of experience in the above mentioned areas and has provided his services to huge and small organizations. His previous association with various industries, which includes Manufacturing, Services, Education, Publishing, Chemical and Property has given him a cutting edge advantage by understanding the needs of different organizations and industries.

While in association with these companies, Mahabeer has held very senior positions in the last 15 years, which includes, Senior General Manager, Human Resource Manager, Asia and Human Resource Director - Asia.

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This step by step program is Not a General HR program, is to designed SPECIFICALLY to assist organization to ensure they carry out their restructuring exercise correctly and comply with all requirements by the Labor/ Employment Law of Malaysia.

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