Developing In-House Online Learning (DIOL) Program

With more than 36 years’ experience in the professional training industry, our online learning experts will guide you through the processes to develop your own in-house online learning programs. We provide an HRDF –claimable 21 hours online program to provide the techniques and the tools to equip and reskill in house trainers.

Learning Outcome:

  • Examine the best online learning formats for the company
  • Accustom the learning outcome for online content
  • Draft out the necessary preparation and prerequisite before the training
  • Convert the traditional training content to become online oriented
  • Design online delivery methods to increase engagement and interaction amongst participants
  • Assess the appropriate Learning Management System for the company
  • Adopt the best practice for video lessons recording
  • Carry out simple editing for video lesson
  • Translate other learning related considerations into action

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  • Develop content by using a human centric approach
  • Optimize the technology usage a your medium to deliver your class
  • Plan your remote training by using a remote training planner and a remote toolbox
  • Assess which is the best video collaboration software for your course
  • Utilize icebreaker and energizer to introduce software platforms
  • Engage learns with polls and quizzes to get a quick assessment during the class
  • Maximize the outcome of remote brainstorming and discussion
  • Compile all your results in digital formats for further usage
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What will be covered?

Program Modules

Topic One : Effective Engagement in Remote Training

Module One : Setting up your training environment

Module 1.1: Human Centric Approach

  • Set criteria for human centric approach
  • Use a framework for your class concept
  • Strategize your training roadmap

Module 1.2: Planning your class

  • Comparison between classroom planning and remote planning
  • Ease your planning by using a remote training planner
  • Select your collaborative platforms

Module 1.3: Technical setup

  • Discussing pros and cons of different video collaboration software for your course
  • Proper hardware setup for facilitating a remote class
  • Folder structure for organizing your files and content

Module Two : Create engaging content

Module 2.1: Creating Ice Breaker, Polls and Energizer

  • Create simple energizer and polls to get engagement started right from the beginning
  • Use quizzes to do a quick assessment of the learning content
  • Evaluate participants using online forms

Module 2.2: Facilitating Brainstorming and Discussion

  • Plan and facilitate a discussion by using templates
  • Conduct a brainstorming session using 6-3-5 Method

Module 2.3: Utilize professional platforms

  • Evaluate different software applications based on the requirements needed
  • Pros and cons between free and paid platforms
  • Strategize which is the best platform  for your remote training

Topic Two : Create Online Content for Corporate

Module One : Planning, Designing & Delivery

Module 1.1: Determine Online Learning Formats

  • Purpose of online content
  • Different formats & categories of online learning
  • Select the right format against your purpose

Module 1.2: Formulate Learning Outcomes  & Gather Course Content

  • Different level of learning
  • How to write Learning Outcomes
  • Different types of Learning Outcomes

Module 1.3: Structure Your Online Content

  • Length & size of the content
  • Content exploration and extension
  • Gather & categorise your course content

Module 1.4: Design Online Learning Engagement

  • Determine Delivery Methods & build engagement
  • Complete Your Course Plan and Program Flow

Module 1.5:  Prepare Your Learners

  • Prepare your learners to take full participation in online learning
  • Design preparatory work before and after each learning session
  • Orientation to learners using online platforms

Module Two: Methodologies & Technical 

Module 2.1: Course Creation Technology & Equipment 

  • Basic hardware equipment & software requirements
  • Integration of all tech

Module 2.2: Select the Right LMS Platform

  • Learn different LMS platforms that host your course
  • Characteristics of respective platforms

Module 2.3: Record Your Video Almost Like A Professional

  • All the essential when recording your video
  • Pre / During / Post recording requirements
  • Simple cheat steps to make your videos interesting

Module 2.4: Principles & Consideration of Online Learning

  • Focus on your Learner’s progress & engagement
  • Get feedback & review from your Learners
  • Related materials – workbook, slides, toolkits etc.

Module 2.5: Fundamentals  on Video Editing

  • Common online learning video delivery formats
  • Key functions for video editing

Curate your own in-house ONLINE LEARNING program and achieve possible RESULTS :

  • Drastically reduced training cost with higher ROI at 360% with every $1 spent per employee
  • 20-40% of time cost saving on the same on-site training subject
  • 218% higher revenue per employee through comprehensive training programs
  • Up to 2.6X effective capacity workforces delivery through active engagement
  • Up to 60% employee retention (that’s a lot!!)

21 Hours of LIVE Online Training

The DIOL program is carried out online to support implementation. Every participant is expected to come out of the program with a internally designed online learning program; at least the first draft.

 Shirley Leong

(Mobile Learning Expert)

  • Certified Professional Trainer, IPMA UK
  • Certificate in Mobile Learning, ATD

Shirley was a professional business manager, who has been involving in business operation, business development, sales & marketing are her key expertise areas.  She has helped to turn around two negative bad debts companies into positive profitable.  She was invited to share her management and training knowledge in forum or conferences.

Some of the clienteles that she has served includes of Solvay Chemical, Carrefour Global Sourcing, Chow Sang Sang, Konecranes, Schneider Electric, Saint Gobain Research, AUCHAN, Bank Islam etc.  She is adept in different business environments.  Other than training and consulting services, Shirley also helps individuals improving their performance capacities through coaching practices.

She loves learning, not only for professional purpose, she is also very enthusiastic in personal mental well being.  She believes learning is her lifelong homework.  Helping individuals and children will be her pursuit at later stage.

Martin Mueller

(Design Thinking Expert)

  • HRDF Certified
  • Certification Learning to teach online

In his long and successful career as a technical manager and Industry 4.0 thought leader, Martin has helped many companies to develop and create products, solutions, and services from scratch.

With more than 20 years of working experience in various fields, he designed many training courses based on his in-depth knowledge. Those courses include GD&T, Stack Up Analysis, and Jigs & Fixture Design. Hundreds of participants have attended his classes.

As he has worked mainly in R&D in the past and developed more than 20 products from scratch and filing two patents, his specialization is in Design Thinking and Creative problem-solving. He developed his Ideation strategy, which allows creating up to 100 ideas and derives at least two concepts within 60 min to deliver immediate results.

As an Industry 4.0 speaker, he engaged in the discussion of digital transformation for industry and the education system. Recently he helped to organize and moderated a webinar with over 500 participants across the ASEAN member states on TVET GO DIGITAL FOR IR 4.

More than just theoretical course, our Developing In-House Online Learning program includes :

  • Planner & Stater Toolkit
  • Cheat Sheets & Checklist
  • Formats Template
  • LIVE Coaching
  • Evaluation formats

Training Schedule

Day 1 : (9am - 1pm) 4 hrs

Day 2 : (9am - 12pm) 3 hrs

Day 3 : (9am - 1pm) 4 hrs

Day 4 : (9am - 12pm) 3 hrs

Day 5 : (9am - 1pm) 4 hrs

Day 6 : (9am - 12pm) 3 hrs

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**Note: You will get HR Strategy toolkit that have over 20 checklists, process flows, sample letters ready for helping you to implement HR strategies and workforce redeployment, worth RM80 for FREE!!!

QUEST LEARNING's mission is to Help Organizations Improve Performance, Productivity and Profits through results-based consulting, training and coaching.

QUEST Learning's mission is to Help Organizations Improve Performance, Productivity and Profits through results-based consulting, training and coaching.

Since 1984, we worked with numerous global brands and hundreds of organizations throughout Asia-Pacific, providing tangible results and measurable improvements.

With offices in Malaysia, China, Singapore and China-Hong Kong, we are in position to service clients regionally with a highly competent and experienced team with multi-language capabilities through multiple platforms.

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