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Founded in Europe in 2014. Logiscool - a unique network of fun-based programming schools for kids and teens. Fast growing franchise network teaches 55,000 students at 16 countries around the world.

 The leading international network

Prominent Corporate Partners

International Presence

Logiscool’s coding-education concept is a fun-based program experience.

Education platform with customized coding language

Classroom after-school courses

A fun-based methodology & long-term curriculum

Summer camps

Be a Fun-trepreneur

People’s voice about us:



Professional “Gives valuable knowledge in a very professional way.”

High Quality “My daughter gets knowledge of the highest quality and she even likes it. 😊”

Friendly, Child-centered “A friendly, child-centred place where kids can learn a lot. Moreover they like it and will make use of it in their adulthood.”

Future Need “I learn what I will need in the future.”

Learn & Play “I like Logiscool a lot, we play and learn in the same time.”

Cool “We learn a lot, and it is very cool!”

Why Logiscool stands out from other programmes?

Realistic hands-on learning method

Experience latest industry relevant tools and technology 

Sytem driven not teacher dependant  

Save the hassle to recruit educators

Long term, comprehensive curriculum

Available up to 5 years learning, scalable for all ages

One system fits all 

No prior IT knowledge/experience needed

Webinar Session  

Date : 2nd April 2020 (Thurs)

Time : 8:30pm - 10:00pm

Those who value quality education and want to see positive results, Logiscool 

wants to work with you !

Logiscool main team members will speak to you in Kuala Lumpur!

Mark your calendar and meet these people (online) behind this foundation.

Mr. Gyula C Sitari The Co-Founder, Strategy Director More than 20 years’ experience in senior management, sales and marketing. Entrepreneur and multinational experience.  

Mr. Tibor Kiss The International Business Development Manager Sales expert with 30 years experience in various positions and different multinational giants such as Vodafone, Ricoh, Steelcase and Kinnarps responsible for the international expansion of Logiscool.