What Can You Expect from Certificate In Training (CIT)

The Certificate In Training course is a 3 day intensive workshop, and year long mentorship programme. The 3 day workshop would teach you on the technical know-hows of training and to equip you with valuable insights to conduct impactful and meaningful trainings.

What will be covered in the workshop

The Introduction

  • The Quest Learning Cycle 
  • The Principles of Working Smart 
  • Objectives of the Programme 
  • What's Your Next Step 

Motivating The Learner

  • Why train?
  • Common characteristics of significant influencers 
  • The Opening - 5 powerful pointers to do your opening 
  • How to conquer nervousness, develop & deliver dynamite presentation 
  • 7 steps to write a strong introduction 
  • Presentation evaluation techniques 
  • Structuring presentation: Portraying confidence & structuring content 

Creating Powerful Presentations 

  • The crucial first step: Planning your presentation 
  • Structure: Logical way of information 
  • The art of asking the right questions 
  • 5 steps to answer tricky questions with examples & what NOT to answer 
  • Develop humor in your presentation 
  • Finding your 'Trainer Voice' 

Training/Visual Aids

  • Training aids, visual aids & handouts 
  • How to making Powerpoint slides with impact 
  • Examples of GOOD & POWERFUL Powerpoint slides 

Using Participative Techniques 

  • Why Participation is important 
  • What Techniques to Use and When
  • Getting All Participants to Respond
  • Participative Techniques

Designing an Writing Programmes

  • An Overll view of the trainin process 
  • The Design Process  
  • Writing Programme Objectives  
  • Deciding what to do in the Programme  
  • Choosing Review Techniques
  • The Trainer’s Role in Review
  • The Learning Dip  

We will see you soon for the workshop. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for our email. 

For more information 09422233367/ 09422233368 | cptmyanmar@questcorpglobal.com/ leadglobal.training@gmail.com  

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