About This Program

Managing cash flow can prolong the ability of the business to continue while facing possible cash flow issues. There are many elements to consider and therefore this process can be quite a daunting exercise especially if an accountant is not available to do it for you.

This program is developed to make the cash flow management process very simple to understand using layman's terms. As we tackle each step of the process systematically, a fuller picture will emerge to assist in crucial decision-making.

Program Module

Day 1

Module 1
Stage 1: Analysis of Present Financial State

  • Ascertaining the Status Quo
  • From Balance Sheet to Existing Income Streams
  • Sample Checklist

Module 2
Stage 2: Cash Flow Management

  • Breaking Down Cash Inflow & Outflow
  • Sample Checklist

Module 3
Stage 3: Projections of Possible Scenarios

  • Simplified Steps for Cash Flow Projections
  • Template Included

Day 2

Module 4
Stage 4: Decisions Analysis Based on Cash Flow Position

  • 3 Possible Decision to be Made Based on Rational Analysis

Stage 5
Managing and Monitoring the Cash Flow

  • Reports and Notification to Stakeholders
  • Sample Checklist

Program Designer & Trainer

KC See

  • Group Chairman of Quest Group of Companies
  • Principal Consultant
  • CPT (UK)

KC See started his first business when he was barely 19; a carwash in a petrol station. He made some money and decided to go back to school but having missed out on going to university, he did Accountancy in a college and managed to qualify as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary. He had his initial training as an audit personnel in  Ernst & Young (EY), an international accounting firm, before embarking on a successful career in accounting. His last accounting position is heading the finance and accounts department of a local conglomerate. 

In 1984, he left the profession and started the Quest MasteryAsia Group in the consulting and training area growing it to a regional Group with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China-Shanghai and China- Hong Kong. The Group carried out work in 21 countries from as far east as Korea to as far west as Poland.

KC See has extensive experience supporting mid-market companies with advisory, marketing and growth. He is involved in helping enterprises to get investment funding, global expansion, business matching, merger and acquisition.

KC’s approach to cashflow management is more from the perspective of an entrepreneur than as an accountant. Hence, is easily understood as it is explained in layman’s terms.

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