Be A World-Class Trainer

We have trained, coached and mentored over 1,000 professional trainers from different walks of life all across Asia region for 17 years. 

The ONLY professional trainers program in Asia that coaches you to build your own training business and takes you to a higher level of training competency

Find your FORTE, Develop your NICHE, Minimize your learning curve to be a TOP-NOTCH Professional Trainer & become a HIGHLY PAID Trainer in your industry

A professional career that brings you to travel all over world, work with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, and get to share your passion to live audience...

For many, this is THE DREAM CAREER.

If you have an honorable desire to help others grow and make productive change as a person and in their career...

What better way to do that than to train people to reach their breakthroughs and do what you love and believe in at the same time? 

Becoming a trainer is a possibility for anyone from any walks of life. It is NOT a must that you need to have formal credentials and you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of experience. 

There are many who are successful as trainer without any credentials, qualifications or extensive experience. They just have the right competencies, a passion to help others and a determination to live that dream life we talked about. 

But is it for you? 

Well… you really owe it to yourself to find out.

Ask yourself these questions... 

  • Do you have a PASSION to share knowledge and experiences with people? 
  • Do you have the TEACHABILITY spirit to learn in order to become dynamic, powerful and highly sough-after trainer that you can be?
  • Do you believe that you can be the best trainer with CONFIDENCE when giving out speeches, trainings or keynotes?
  • Do you believe that you can be trined to STAND UP AND SPEAK in front of a crowd?
  • Do you see yourself making USD 2,000 a day, 12 months from now?
  • Are you willing to INVEST IN YOURSELF to create an income that pays back your investment with 4 days of your training job?

Position Yourself As A Successful Trainer In Your Industry, Transform People's Lives & Influence Positive Changes in Individuals, Corporates, Companies & many more...

In this session, we will share... 

  • A proven guide to help identify your PASSION and your niche area that market out there is ready to pay you for what you're doing.
  • 5 significant factors all high-performing trainers have in common that enable them to charge premium fees for their services and literally create a flood of ideal, long-term and highly profitable clients.
  • Why NOW is the best time ever to take your expertise or passion to another level and make an unprecedented income as a highly paid trainer or speaker.
  • 1st-hand knowledge from experienced practitioner with over 30 years of accummulated experience in training and building a training business using proven models, tools and templates.
  • How you can make an impact as a trainer and become a result-oriented trainer and start your training business.

Be A Part Of The Exclusive Set of Professional Trainers 

Certified Professional Trainer is the only professional trainer's programme in Asia that provides lifetime coaching and mentorship, apprenticeship, training and support system to help you to be successful in your training career and starting your own consulting and training business.

This programme is most suitable for those that are pursuing the path to become more than just a mediocre trainer as well to create a profitable income stream by doing what you are passionate about through training workshops, seminars, and many more. 

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Quest Group 

The Quest Group has been established since 1984 and has enjoyed a leading position in the market place in Asia.

  • The Quest Group core value is to deliver valued results to its clients in terms of improved performance, productivity and profits.
  • We provide in-house training and consultancy in Asia across the region in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Thailand. 
  • Our various corporate training events as well as public seminars serve as valuable platforms for our Certified Professional Trainers to be exposed to and involved in live training and speaking engagements. 
  • Proven and well tested training programs from which the graduates can select to conduct as Quest Associate Trainers.

About K.C. See

Master Trainer, K.C. See is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Quest Group. He has trained & mentored over 100,000 people over the last 32 years from Malaysia to China and from Australia to Kenya. He found his passion and niche in developing and inspiring people to higher performance and productivity. 

He is the ONLY Asian who has trained more than 1,000 professional trainers throughout South-East Asia. He has been trained in the United States and Japan in the area of human resource development as well as organizational development and consulting. He is a certified trainer with a number of international consulting and training.

His many clients are multinationals such as Paypal, Samsung, DB Schenker, Preudential, Great Eastern, Robinson, Hong Kong Bank, China Eastern Airlines, Pfizer, NOL Shipping, Schneider, Exxon Mobil, Nestle, Fairchild Semiconductors, Allianz, CapitaLand, and many others.

Why more than 1,000 people from diversified walks of life transformed their Careers, their Incomes and their Personal Lives with the Certified Professional Trainer? Here's what they said...

A must attend Programme for those who aspire to be a trainer

"Amazing training for trainers. KC & the team are so gracious by imparting their wisdom to all participants. They exude good values: giving, patience, wisdom, caring, ... everything you can ask for from a super Sifu!"

Ahyat Ishak, Malaysia - Business Owner, Property Trainer & Speaker

I had participated in some trainer courses in Hong Kong and I found out that this CPT programme has much more higher standards

"Trainers are able to speak impromptu on a new topic and still be able to connect with participants. It is really amazing! I will practice this skill so that I can use it in my future training."

Lorey Chan, Hong Kong - Business Owner

The CPT programme totally transformed me

"Today, I get speaking engagement in Malaysia and abroad which pays me thousands of Ringgit per session. Most importantly, my legal practice has expended multiple folds. If you dream to become professional trainer and fulfill your passion, you need to be mentored by KC See."

Elizabeth Siew, Malaysia - Lawyer, Trainer & Author

Attracting new clients, engagement & strategic alliances after attending the programme

"My journey so far as a CPT has been awesome. Having the opportunity to work and share the days getting filled with training speaking and coaching business opportunities. More importantly the CPT community has been a fantastic source of positive energy, resource and support."

Jonathan Low, Malaysia - Success Coach, Global Speaker & President of Global Speakers Federation

I now have a portfolio of 16 MNCs and large corporations in Asia-Pacific & still growing!

"Training is practical, useful and most important, it works. The skills learned helped me tremendously in my success as a regional professional trainer over the past 3 years. It was certainly the right decision."

Tan Swee Heng, China & Singapore - Leadership & Talent Development Trainer

Exactly the kind of programme I'm looking for, even if I have to fly a few thousand miles!

"KC takes us on an exciting journey of learning & practice and enriches it with his experience & guidance. I have had tremendous fun whilst learning a great deal and would highly recommend the training."

Mahwish Naseem, Dubai, UAE - Workforce Planning Leader 

WARNING: The seats are limited and this consultation session always fill up because it is significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for (For Now).

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P.P.S: This is also a limited time offer at a limited seat. The Certified Professional Trainer Consultation Session is a Premium Event like no other in KL. 

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