Activate Your Wealth Potential:

 Smart Strategy to Multiply Your Income Streams

In this free 90 minute mini training, we’ll walk you through the SMART strategy to accelerates wealth growth (and show you why it’s so important)!

GMT, Malaysia Time | Online Webinar

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What are the Challenges Working Professional Face?

  • Your pay does not match your efforts. You have burnt yourself out with more than 12-hour work days, nonstop WhatsApp messages from your bosses even during the weekends & holidays, insomnia from high-intensity pressure.
  • Unable to find the balance between work and family life. You often feel guilty when you spend extra time at work instead of your family.
  • Retrenchment due to the trade war. Many working professionals such as engineers and techinicians may suffer from job losses in near term due to the escalation of trade tensions between the US and China. 

Why You Should Attend

  • You are 100% committed in creating a better life for you and your loved ones. 
  • You want to learn how to create a recurring passive income with less time and effort apart from your main income stream. 
  • You are hungry for proven and practical strategies to accelerate your wealth growth. 
  • You want to leverage other resources, network and ideas instead of working long hours, which are causing a work-life imbalance.

You’ll Leave This Webinar With:

Smart Strategy of Success

Attract more money making opportunities consistently and grow your income.


Access to unlimited opportunities to get financial mentors and income generation opportunities.

The Art of Leveraging

Case studies on how to create more wealth and income without using your own time, money and effort.

We’ll Also Talk About:

  • How you can grow your wealth without spending extra time
  • Discover how you can make your money work for you
  • How you can have more time and choices in life
  • Getting to the root of the problem: find out what is your belief sources.
  • How your subconscious mind affects your level of success.

“I’ve discovered my passion for life because of this workshop” “I co-founded a company called e-One net when I was 21 years old. I did that because of Money Mastery. I decided to kick-start and do what I passionate about. And today, we’re expanding our company across Asia!”  

- Fione Tan, Founder of e-One net and -

“Attending the bootcamp have changed my belief towards how we can take control of our life!”  

“I used to be someone who complains a lot. However, the knowledge and experience you shared during the bootcamp has changed my life! Because of that, I started my entrepreneur journey and it has been amazing so far!”  

- Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness industry "Usana Health Sciences" -

"I was a bankrupt before attending this event"

In less than 7 years, I use the process that I've learned to built my wealth that can last me for the next 3 generation, all these are done by mastering the art of creating multiple streams of income.  

- Jerome Tan, Author of "From Bankruptcy To Multi-Millions In 7 Years"-

Meet Your Instructor

Daphne Au CEO & Co-Founder of Pacari Chocolate Malaysia, Sales Coach & Professional Trainer  

Daphne is a high ranking sales trainer in Quest Group.

She is the CEO and co-founder of Pacari Chocolates Malaysia, a Premium Organic Dark Chocolate importer and distributor. Under her leadership, she had led her team with her creative sales strategy to sell out her first shipment of Pacari Chocolate within a month with 0 marketing budget.

She is passionate about sales because she finds that by selling, she is able to help more people to solve their problems while making a living.

Daphne is a Certified Professional Trainer from the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) UK.

She was appointed as a sales coach at the age of 25 by Quest MasteryAsia, Asia’s most reputable coaching organisation to coach aspiring entrepreneurs in their sales techniques.


-Activate Your Wealth Potential- Smart Strategy to Multiply Your Income Streams

In the free 90 minute mini training, we’ll walk you through the SMART strategy to accelerates your wealth growth (and show you why it’s so important).

GMT, Malaysia Time | Online Webinar

**Limited spots are available for this webinar, claim yours now! 

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